Why I Wrote Basic to Brilliant

This spring is an especially exciting time with the launch of my new book Basic to Brilliant: The Definite Guide to Transforming Your People Practices. As a playbook for the small to mid-size enterprise, the book provides the roadmap leaders need to take their organizations to the next level through workplace innovation. Bringing a book to market is a monumental feat, as I’ve found out, so why go the distance with such a pursuit?

As an advisor and consultant to SME’s (small to mid-market companies) and non-profits, I see every day how challenging it is for all of them to find, attract, grow, manage, and retain the right people. There are talent shortages, changing demographics, the evolving digital workplace, competition from much larger enterprises, you name it, there’s a lot going on. These challenges – and opportunities – demand a more contemporary approach to the talent side of the business. It’s time for workplace innovation and leaders need a comprehensive, yet accessible resource to show the way.

My goal with the book is to provide a framework and chart the course for the finding/keeping/sustaining talent challenges at a systemic level, whether a company employs ten or a hundred. It explores the more tried and true basics that get you where you are today, and proposes the more brilliant and innovative – those that are becoming the must haves for organizational success.  Some of the more “brilliant” of the strategies may not seem so innovative on the surface, but from my experience, if every business owner or leader adopted these approaches, they’d see exponential improvement in their organization’s performance.

Beyond the framework, I believed it was important to demonstrate how these strategies, tactics, whatever we call them, unfold in the everyday work of a representative group of companies who are exemplars in their brilliant approach. What they do is accessible to organizations everywhere. Hearing their stories was not only inspirational, it was proof that the more brilliant approaches lead to transformational results.

The core content of the book was seeded through my regular blog posts on these topics over the last few years and recast into the context of the basic to brilliant framework. My intent now is that the book is a starting point – a big one at that – as additional resources, tools, and learning events will be developed in the coming months and years.

Small to mid-market enterprises, non-profits, the public sector – for many, it’s time to consider transforming their approach to talent and embrace a new level of success. May Basic to Brilliant be their playbook for the journey.

Basic to Brilliant is now available at the following online retailers: FriesenPress, amazon.ca, amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play.  Coming soon to Chapters/Indigo.  Your honest review on Amazon is appreciated.