What Followers Want in these Uncertain Times

Organizations and governments around the world are in rapid-response mode, doing what they can to adapt to the evolving health crisis that impacts us all.

From an organizational health standpoint, here’s the most relevant and urgent Gallup discovery for you to know right now: The world’s 7 billion citizens demand that leadership and institutions lead our nations and the world with (1) compassion, (2) stability, (3) trust, and (4) hope and inspiration for the future, according to their  biggest global study of what followers want.

While companies are doing what they can to communicate to their staff, customers and stakeholders about the many measures they are taking to keep their people safe right now, success in getting to the other side of this will require the genuine and persistent demonstration of those four tenets of leadership.

Through the many decisions that need to be made and the tone that will be set, this has become a whole new environment where keeping individuals and teams apprised of business developments and the impacts on them personally have never been more important.  

What you can do now – make sure that every team member currently working from home, is laid off at home, or otherwise self-isolating, receives a personal phone call once every 48 hours from their manager, supervisor, or leadership representative to check on how they are doing on a personal level. No one can be a psychologist here, but the act of reaching out personally to each person may be a lifeline to helping them maintain some sense of equilibrium.