Top Ten Ways to Move Your Organization from Basic to Brilliant

Basic to Brilliant provides many strategies for building a stronger, more profitable organization that’s aligned with business intent while attracting and retaining great people. It’s packed with ideas that can be readily applied in most small to mid-size businesses. Here are the top ten that can help you chart the path to new levels of success in 2019:

  1. Update your organizational chart for the year ahead. In addition, if you don’t already have one, create another that forecasts how your structure may look 18 months or two years from now. Ensure the current chart is shared throughout your organization and in particular with new hires so they understand how and where their role fits in.
  2. Revisit your corporate values if you haven’t done so in a few years. Is the wording and language fresh and meaningful? Are the values championed on your website, in conversation, posted where all can see? Values guide the behaviour you want to see from everyone who works in your company, and it’s important they are alive and well.
  3. Optimize your website and social media to attract great talent. That means setting up a Careers page or Join Our Team page to make it easier for prospective applicants to show interest and learn about your company.
  4. Create an onboarding process that includes the participation of others from various departments. Give your new hires a “tour of duty” through the functions of your business with short job-shadowing experiences to help them understand the business flow and how their work and position fits in the bigger picture.
  5. Ensure your compensation practices are market competitive for the talent you have and the talent you seek to hire.
  6. Make performance feedback a regular occurrence that happens in real-time coachable moments, along with a short bi-weekly meeting with each team member to review what’s working well, what’s not, and the priorities for the weeks ahead.
  7. Talk to your people about their aspirations and how they can leverage their strengths more.
  8. Make learning a conscious activity by providing cross-functional opportunities for individuals to participate in or lead something new for them – a system upgrade or implementation, product launch, service enhancement, project, or way of doing things.
  9. To enforce the importance of role clarity, create or update position descriptions to include core accountabilities (not the same old list of duties and responsibilities), people interactions, the measures of success, and the behaviours or competencies needed for successful performance of the work.
  10. Recognize your people for their contributions. A simple thank you can sometimes be the biggest expression of gratitude you can give.