Top Eight Blog Posts from 2018

From leadership intent to workplace trends, the talent management conversation has focused on elevating your people practices to achieve new levels of success. Here are the most popular posts from 2018.

How Will Your People Align, Grow and Prosper this Year?

Success means being vigilant in supporting your people to really perform. Here are three ways to deliver.

Why You Need to Care About the Tone at the Top

Are you ready to set the agenda, go new places and inspire your people this year? Your messaging will be key to getting results.  

The Future of Work is Here

These evolving workplace trends are likely at play for you now. How well are you embracing the future today?

Why I Wrote Basic to Brilliant

As a playbook for the small to mid-size enterprise, the book provides the roadmap leaders need to take their organizations to the next level by reimagining their people practices. Bringing a book to market is a monumental feat, as I’ve found out, so why go the distance with such a pursuit?

Where Has All the Talent Gone?

Can’t find great candidates? The same old tactics are sure to throw your well-intentioned recruitment efforts into a tailspin.

Sustainable Value of One on Ones

One of the most powerful management tools you can have in your tool box is the discipline of regular one-on-one (1:1) meetings with your team members. This tried and true process can be a game changer for your business.

Author Q&A

Readers of Basic to Brilliant have posed some interesting and important questions and here are the answers.

Top Ten Ways to Move Your Organization from Basic to Brilliant       

Basic to Brilliant provides many strategies for building a stronger, more profitable organization that’s aligned with business intent while attracting and retaining great people. It’s packed with ideas that can be readily applied in most small to mid-size businesses. Here are the top ten that can help you chart the path to new levels of success in 2019.