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Doris Bentley

Doris understands the evolution of small to mid-market businesses and the people challenges inherent in any growing venture.  For over twenty years, through the founding and growth of Centrepoint, she has consulted and advised leaders of owner-managed businesses, non-profit and government organizations, as well as budding entrepreneurs in the chaos of business start-up.

She is passionate about helping leaders develop and deliver on a vision for themselves and their organizations so they can achieve their personal, professional, and business goals with clarity and confidence. By defining the work people do, assessing talent needs, reimagining recruitment strategies, or advancing leadership growth, she supports their commitment to see people thrive and business accelerate.

She works with clients to plan and scout the road ahead, engaging them in essential conversations to resolve their people issues without second guessing the decisions they make. Whether working with founders, CEO's, emerging or tenured leaders, she provides fresh perspectives and strategies to help them navigate their journey with wisdom and integrity.

Doris is an accomplished speaker, facilitator, and frequent presenter to various CEO and executive forum groups, professional associations and management teams.

As a writer and educator, she has authored many articles, blog posts, white papers, and management tool kits to advance workplace innovation and contemporary people practices. She is the author of the book Basic to Brilliant: The definitive guide to transforming your people practices, A playbook for the small to mid-size enterprise. (Available at all major online retailers.)

She holds Bachelor of Arts and Education degrees, has completed graduate work in organizational development, and holds the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation, along with certifications in a number of psychometric assessment instruments.

Our Partner Connections

We think the way we work and the way we organize ourselves at work is changing. Unprecedented levels of openness, collaboration and connectedness means we can more effectively operate across traditional boundaries – be they in the realm of professional expertise, acquired specialties, or perceived wisdoms. This ensures we bring the most appropriate advisory, consulting, coaching, or training expertise to meet your professional and organizational needs over the long term.

Our network is one of our biggest assets. We are continually strengthening our network of partners, individuals and organizations, specialists in their particular fields who help us deliver the work we do. Our network of trusted partners covers four key areas:

Talent and Team Development

Our core business. Critically aware that the business of people is collaborative by nature, rather than competitive, we work with partners who also see talent and team development as their core business. Depth and breadth of experience is everything.

Employee Benefits and Pension Advisors

Supporting our commitment to helping clients attend to every aspect of the employee experience, these savvy professionals excel at creating affordable and sustainable strategies that improve quality of work life as well as the bank balance. We are aligned with the experts who lead the way in design and management of total rewards strategies in a hyper-competitive workplace.

Employment Law Professionals

Right brain thinking delivers a fresh perspective, great ideas, and an incredibly intuitive approach to problem solving. Our employment law experts bring proven success in addressing the stickiest employer/employee issues with practical down-to-earth advice.

Strategic Business Advisors and Valuators

Specialists in valuation analysis for financing, buy/sell, tax planning, and ownership transitions. Brilliant and reliable partners who support big and small projects alike. The kind of resource you need to deliver a one-off yet mission critical event, meeting desired timeframes with outstanding results.