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Here’s what our clients are saying:

People are the cornerstone of our business and the work we did with Centrepoint was essential to laying a strong foundation and framework for growth. Identifying the right roles, core competencies, and profiles for each position gave us the roadmap for finding the right people to help us win. Doris’s process gave us the clarity and confidence we needed during a critical growth period.James Tweedy, Senior Director Client Marketing Services
CREW Marketing Partners Inc.
We engaged Doris Bentley at a very busy and critical time for our growing company. She was able to quickly understand our objectives and priorities as well as our vision for the future. Doris was a very positive influence, helping us determine three main priorities to address if we wanted to move forward and achieve our growth goals: the need to clearly define our culture in order to attract staff who were a good fit, establish role clarity with our existing staff, and identify skill gaps that were going to impede our ability to move forward. Her process gave us direction for individual and team development opportunities, which is now leading to a more diverse and capable workforce.

The process also emphasized a significant gap in leadership of our systems and operations, leading to defining the critical role of Business Operations Manager. Doris managed the recruitment and selection process; all three of the final choices were excellent candidates, and each one could have brought significant strengths to our company. In the end, we are very positive about our choice. In the months since we finished this process, we have made great strides towards realizing our goals. We know where we are heading and what it’s going to take to get there – which is a much better position than we were in before working with Doris. I would highly recommend Doris to anyone who is looking to identify and overcome challenges in their business, or provide an unbiased assessment of issues that may be holding you and your company back. We found it an invaluable process.”Ryan Cooper, President
Power-West Industries Ltd.

Having used many other professional services for both personal recruitment and talent management; Centrepoint and Doris Bentley have been beyond impressive. The level of experience and knowledgeable attention with timely follow up and follow thru is unprecedented in the industry. It is rare to find someone in the field of recruitment and talent management that has both the client and candidate in mind while being able to be provide this level of in-depth research and professional direction.

I would highly recommend the services of Centrepoint and Doris Bentley to any candidate, company or organization that is looking to find exceptional talent or in need of an organizational review of its talent management strategy or strategic direction.Wayne Arondus, Executive Vice President
SAS Group of Companies Inc.

As an expanding company in the Technology space we find ourselves in a near constant state of needing help to deal with the most challenging part of growth … people. I was introduced to Doris Bentley and Centrepoint many years ago and value the work that she has done for us. Visioning through each critical role, Doris helped us craft position profiles that have served us daily for many years. I credit her work as the foundation of our HR program and have never hesitated to call in her team whenever a course correction in our staffing situation is being considered.Dave Sanche , President/CEO ,
Cartel Communication Systems Inc.
I got to know Doris over ten years ago and we have enjoyed a good relationship while we worked together. Doris has provided our companies with recruitment services, provided us instruction on good hiring practices, market compensation reviews and many other services related to dealing with HR. She provided good wisdom and contemporary market intelligence over the years. I always appreciated Doris’s insights along with her ability to meet deadlines and show great communication disciplines. Jim Barkman, former CEO Eagle West Truck and Crane Inc.
and Stampede Crane and Rigging Inc.
On the presentation “Finding and Keeping Great People: The Important Role Operational Leaders Play”…. “Your presentation was absolutely bloody marvelous! I have to ask if members get value from the speaker. Your vote was a unanimous “Yes”. Thanks so much Doris – you have always been a star!”Derek Barichievy, CME Peer Group Facilitator,
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters
Doris was retained on a talent search to fill the new position of Chief Development Officer for the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce. When I first contacted her with an interest in the position, I felt she took a genuine interest in my background and the skills I could bring to the role. In hindsight, it is also evident that she fairly represented the Chamber by clearly portraying the challenges and opportunities of the position.

As the interview and selection process unfolded over several weeks, she kept me up to date on the process and my status. At all stages, she provided helpful and relevant coaching and insights that made a difference in my ability to successfully prepare and best represent myself for each meeting.

While I may be biased because I was the successful candidate, I feel Doris was able to strike the right balance between her role as client representative and her role representing the range of unique skills and talents of her candidates. The whole experience from our initial conversation through the offer was seamless and transparent. I would recommend Doris to manage any senior level talent search needs your organization may have.” Patrick Stafford-Smith,Chief Development Officer
North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce

On Leadership Coaching…
In working with Doris Bentley through a leadership coaching program, I received, learned and implemented valuable tools into my schedule that is paying dividends. My time working with Doris has been powerfully beneficial to me in creating increased capacity and changing my outlook on the challenges we face every day in a fast paced changing business environment. It has changed how I think about situations and more importantly how to handle these challenges moving forward in a collaborative way with leadership, colleagues and clients. Thank you very much, Doris, for the insightful conversations, tools and systems that have given me a new perspective and outlook; it has been a very meaningful and positive process for me.
Kevin Niebergall, Branch Manager,
CGIS Industrial Solutions
My first conversation with Doris was a phone interview for a Managing Director position in November 2014. From the very beginning I felt Doris was open and clear in her communication. She gave me a feeling of being set up for success. Never did I feel there were sides. Especially in the negotiation process where she provided guidance that ensured a win-win outcome for both the employer and for me, the applicant.

Once Doris determined I was a good candidate to proceed with meeting the employer, she seamlessly shifted into a coaching role that allowed me to put forth my best effort during the interview process, while allowing me the opportunity to assess if the organization and Management Team were a good fit for me and my career.

The trust and respect I have for Doris has since made her the go to person for all our HR – a lasting partnership and professional friendship. Doris, I thank you for making the transition to my new role at ES3 Insurance Services such a pleasant and stress-free experience. I am very grateful. “Jeanette Reddington, MBA CIP
Managing Director, ES3 Advisory