We advise and consult with leaders and their teams to transform their people practices.

Align. Grow. Prosper.

Are you ready to embrace the path to brilliance – leading an organization that serves the business well, attracts and hires the right people, and inspires and supports them to perform at their best?

Whether you employ 10, 50, 100 or more, if it’s time to take your organization to a new level, or if business growth requires a rethink of your people strategy, we can help.

Our approach is like none other with our focus on bringing talent innovation – contemporary and agile people practices – to your business, one step at a time. We can work with you on an as-needed, monthly retainer, or project basis.

Watch these four-minute videos to learn more about our approach:

Here’s How We Work:

           Assess the Issues

Role confusion, weak hiring practices, poor feedback processes and leadership gaps are just some of the touchpoints that can slow down your organization and stop success in its tracks. We start by listening to explore your concerns and using our Talent Innovation Diagnostic, take stock of the most pressing issues and desired goals.

          Activate the Plan

We work with you to build the plan for moving forward in a way that addresses current challenges while getting to the root causes. Sometimes small changes can make a big difference; other times, reimagining new approaches is required.

       Advance the Process

Moving forward in 90-day increments that are doable keeps momentum and allows us to shift gears as emerging issues require attention. We show you the way with processes that won’t drag you down, bringing tools and insights to get the results you need.

         Accelerate Results

Timely follow up ensures your people and organization are aligned, growing and prospering. We like accountability that goes with a revisit of your talent strategies. We’ll provide the ongoing information and support to keep you on the path of brilliance, building a vibrant organization that’s talent competitive and winning at every level.

Your Playbook for the Journey

Align. Grow. Prosper. The Starter Kit for Re-imagining Your People Practices.
Excerpts from Basic to Brilliant: The Definitive Guide to Transforming Your People Practices by Doris Bentley.