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Current Resources:

Basic to Brilliant: the Definitive Guide to Transforming Your People Practices
The new book by Doris Bentley. It’s the practical, straight forward roadmap every leader needs to accelerate business performance through their people.

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Talent Innovation Diagnostic:
Complete this 10 minute diagnostic to see where your organization currently delivers on its people practices, and where your biggest opportunities are to bring innovation to your talent lifecycle.

Legacy Creation or Lost Opportunity: Leadership Succession for the Small to Mid-Size Enterprise
Planning for the people side of succession can be the hardest part of business transitions. Our roadmap can help you chart the course.

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Improving the Quality of Hire
Hiring well is the first step, and arguably the most important, in executing a successful people strategy for your business.

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Planning for the 3rd Chapter: The Best is Yet to Come

What might we do with an extra 20 or 30 years beyond our career days? Is it possible to reconcile personal dreams with financial realities in a ‘retirement’ lifestyle? Learn about the new retirement paradigm and what you can do now to ensure the best is yet to come.

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Starting Power: Onboarding for Executive and Senior Professional Hires

The acceptance of an executive or senior professional who is new to an organization, as well as his or her acceptance of the organization and those within it, should not be be left to chance.

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Demystifying HR:
In order to meet business challenges, grow the organization, and keep customers happy, the right talent must be hired, retained, deployed, developed, and engaged. For the small to medium-size enterprise, bringing the right resources to these important tasks can be a challenge.

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Talent Management Perspectives Magazine
Our blog offers roadmaps, thought provokers, and commentary to inform and inspire our clients as their businesses grow and evolve. This magazine is a selected compilation of our most recent popular articles.

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Winning at Hiring Checklist:
Is your organization doing everything it can to attract and land the best candidates? Use our checklist to see where your hiring practices are keeping pace and where you can improve.

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